Pause - it's good for you

Break has several meanings in cricket, but today the predominant usage is to do with money-making

Simon Barnes

June 2017

The beguilers

What makes us call a player a genius?

Simon Barnes

April 2017

Look sharp

If you have focus, you can achieve anything - or so they say

Simon Barnes

February 2017

Take me for example

Why do we expect sportspersons to be role models?

Simon Barnes

January 2017

The others

Not all the terms used in cricket come from the English language

Simon Barnes

December 2016

Not a problem

The difficulties modern players face are often described as being "issues". That's not always a bad thing

Simon Barnes

November 2016

Go pro

A word that was once used to describe a lower class of player now stands for a job reasonably done

Simon Barnes

October 2016

Is this boring you?

What is the purpose of sport: to entertain or to pursue excellence?

Simon Barnes

September 2016