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Challenging Cheeka

How much does Kris Srikkanth remember about his career and the bowlers who dismissed him?

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  • POSTED BY Prakash on | May 12, 2016, 19:46 GMT

    Still remember the world cup 1992, started well against england, his struggle against pakistani bowling was very visible, ducks against new zealand (holing out to lathem at long off), Remember Aamir sohail's catch off Sachin's bowling. The Triseries before 1992 world cup was a good one, he played fairly well against Genuine windies bowling. Expected a lot of him in 1992 world cup (As that was the first wold cup I remember watching). But no denying the fact he's the first genuine opening batsman who made use of the fielding restrictions.

  • POSTED BY Rajasekhar on | May 11, 2016, 15:05 GMT

    With reference to the comment by LEGGIE ON, Gavaskar's only century in ODIs came in his penultimate game; in his final game in the 1987 World Cup Semis against England, he was out for a duck.

  • POSTED BY sudhir on | May 10, 2016, 20:01 GMT

    For me, cheeka could have been champion of the champions in 1985 B&H worldcup. he scored 238 runs, @ 59+ average in 5 matches..As a kid, i loved watching him & he is aboriginal mater blater for india!!!

  • POSTED BY Sudhakar on | May 10, 2016, 14:54 GMT

    @CRICINFOUSER: Srikkanth was not hit by an Akram beamer. It was his own error of trying to pull Akram that resulted in an edge flying to his face!! Yes, a rather serious injury for him :( But yes, that series vs. Pakistan was remarkable for the way he fell to Akram.

  • POSTED BY amitab7888354 on | May 10, 2016, 13:45 GMT

    I started watching Indian ODI matches in 1985 while Srilanka which used to consider as under rated team beside good ground fielding team in those arena toured India. Sunil Gavaskar & Kris Srikanth used to be opening pair in two format (ODI & Test Cricket). In 1988-89, Pakistan toured to India, Kris Srikanth got hit on a beemer by Wasim Akram. Srikanth had some stitches on forehead too. Srikanth came back in International Cricket yet again after genuine treatment but a fair threat had been placed in his mind & that was of king of reverse swinger called Wasim Akram. Akram was on peak that time. In 1st tour of The Legend Sachin Tendulkar in 1989, Srikanth was captain for Indian Cricket Team. India made the way convincingly by 0-0 as 4 test matches were finished by drawn being without result but Srikanth got out against Akram for 7 occasions & he was dismissed in 8th innings while Akram caught at boundry region. This is what called co-incident....

  • POSTED BY cricfan87300336 on | May 9, 2016, 23:31 GMT

    I remember it was my Physics practical exam for which we went in late watching his 123 in then, Calcuitta....Went into the exam thinking we will win only to see Salim Malik spoil it for us... At that time, I was more disappointed that India lost than that I didnt do my practicals well.. The forerunner to the Sehwags...a genuine paradigm changer....long live!!!

  • POSTED BY rmurli9683447 on | May 9, 2016, 15:39 GMT

    Refer to the earlier post by Raviscreen where in it was mentioned about Gavaskar scoring his only century at Nagpur in 1987 Reliance World Cup. Even in that ODI, Gavaskar was the first to reach 50. That's all. Srikkant was below 25 runs and then started blasting. New Zealand spinner Deepak Patel was the sufferer. Gavaskar was a spectator and had scored only one run more than his 50 when Srikkanth was out caught by Rutherford for 75. What a blast it was.Rutherford was airborne when he took that superb catch.

  • POSTED BY rmurli9683447 on | May 9, 2016, 14:09 GMT

    Srikkanth set the one day batting style in India. I faintly remember that once the Srilankan Captain has said that we lost to Srikkanth and not to India. You could compare the Indian Opening pair of Cheeka and Gavaskar with Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes. One aggressive batsman and the other a steady batsman. This trend was followed by Romesh Kaluvitharana and Sanath Jayasuriya in the 1996 World Cup where both were aggressive.

  • POSTED BY Sudhakar on | May 9, 2016, 13:57 GMT

    :) Not bad at all - considering the complexity of questions and that Cheeka last played international cricket over 20 years ago. Shows that Cheeka was a very intelligent cricketer - though the impression that one got from his batting was just the opposite. His clear mind and his cricketing intellect has always been evident to all ardent fans who understood the basics of cricket. As a captain, he was brilliant in the series that he led vs Pakistan in Pakistan which Sachin debuted. Not many had that achievement in their CV those days. I wish he had stayed on for some more time in the national team. He was refreshingly good and the new era of attacking Indian batsmanship started with Kapil Dev and Srikkanth. His stint as Chairman of selectors was also quite brilliant. Overall a fantastic person and a great /intelligent cricketer. I wish he continues to be associated with this sport in some form or the other.

  • POSTED BY Bharathan on | May 9, 2016, 13:38 GMT

    Srikkanth. Was my class mate in pre university. He may not remember me

    Seven at the age of 17 was q crowd puller when was playing

  • POSTED BY Ravi on | May 9, 2016, 13:01 GMT

    Yes,I would agree with the previous comment, still remember that match in Sharjah against Malcolm Marshall. He is the first one from India who took advantage of the 9 fielders inside the 30 yard circle by lofting. Srikkanth was particularly effective against the Sri Lankans like Asantha De Mel, Rumesh Ratnayake. He was the top scorer with 38 in the 1983 World Cup final from either side. It was Gavaskar who was instrumental in selecting him to the national team when he was reduced to a mere spectator in an Irani Cup match where Srikkanth destroyed the opposition by scoring a century when Gavaskar managed some 20+. But, I think Gavaskar returned the treatment at Nagpur in the 1987 World Cup against New Zealand when he hammered his only ODI century in his very last innings.

  • POSTED BY Alex on | May 9, 2016, 10:17 GMT

    We all watched cricket for k srikkanth , first aggressive indian batsman ever. He gave belief that we do not need to play "dok" "dok" game sastri and gavaskar plays. He basically gave belief for whole india that you can crush bowlers. Once srikkanth out , whole mess room will be empty. Then back to classes. We skip classes to watch srikkanth hammer bowlers. We knew he won't last long max 30 min. Min first ball. It was like super excitement of euphoria to despair in no time. Like this one , first ball 4, secon ball 6 , 3 rd ball bowled against malcolm marshall. he was at his best benson hedges series 1985. Whole india watched 4-5am. He gave great memories for indian cricket fans like no other. No one watches gavaskar bats, After srikkanth , fans watch kapil dev. That is only two players fans remember.