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The winter of our discontent

At the start of their 1992-93 tour of India, little did these England players know what was in store for them - the first ever Test series whitewash in the country



  • POSTED BY Cricinfo on | October 26, 2015, 4:18 GMT

    The person sitting in the front, to the right, is not Paul Taylor but physio Dave Roberts. The caption has been removed. @FAHEEMGUNDROO you're right, there seems to be some issue with the display of the Jarvis caption. Thanks for pointing it out. We're fixing it.

  • POSTED BY Rav on | October 25, 2015, 9:29 GMT

    One of my favorite series ever and the nearest thing India had to an actual 'Bollywood' series. SO many memories... I was just a young teenager and it was the first chance I got to examine Tendulkar's batting at close-hand. The Indian batsmen pulverized the England bowlers, who in their way manfully toiled away and were let down by some atrocious fielding on hard outfields. Memories that stand out: Navjot Sidhu charging down the crease and smacking the spinners over their heads.. a little too often! I remember him walking off the field at close of play wondering how he hadn't given his wicket away! Kambli tearing the England bowlers apart. The fire crackers at the Eden gardens test. Kumble and Chauhan weaving webs of confusion around the English batsmen. Kapil Dev and Prabhaker bowling stump to stump with the new ball and out-foxing Gooch and Stewart. Most of all, I will remember this series for Graham Hick's allround defiance against the odds.

  • POSTED BY Jitendra Bhonsle on | October 25, 2015, 8:54 GMT

    India had just returned from a disastrous tour of Australia where the aussies absolutely whalloped india. Azhar was a utter failure both as a captain and as a batsman but was still retained for some unknown reason. Then, in the home series against England, the spinners and batsman like kambli and Tendulkar ensured that india won comprehensively, giving azhar a respite, due to which he carried on for quite a few years thereafter (irrespective of his indifferent form) until he was kicked out for match fixing. I wonder if things would have been different had azar been removed from captaincy - perhaps match fixing wouldn't have been so rampant.

  • POSTED BY Ameya on | October 25, 2015, 8:33 GMT

    This was also the series where Vinod Kambli sparkled. What an innings that!

  • POSTED BY Rahul on | October 25, 2015, 4:59 GMT

    I remember that English tour for poor Rischard Blakey. He was up against the formidable Anil Kumble on latter's own turf. It was a no contest. It was like Tyson Vs a feather weight, Ferrari Vs an old sedan. It was an unfair contest. Its not about runs, I would be interested in knowing how many balls did he played on that tour.

  • POSTED BY Cricinfouser on | October 22, 2015, 13:50 GMT

    The Sachin hundred came in the second test at Madras. Why can't I read the Paul Jarvis window? First from left in white warmers. Only with me or is it no one can?

  • POSTED BY Ashok on | October 11, 2015, 9:43 GMT

    England 1992-93 tour was the first I ever followed. India came back from behind to tie the ODI series 3-3 and proceeded to whitewash England in the tests, which is what got me hooked on to the game as an 11 year old. Indian wins used to be a rarity in those days- that series kicked off India's magic run in the 90s, when they spun all and sundry to destruction. It was the breakthrough series for Anil Kumble, who went on to become a merchant of doom for touring sides in India from then on. As I recollect, Sachin Tendulkar scored his first test century on home turf in that series (at Calcutta, if the memory serves me correctly).